Other Peace Meditations

Unfortunately there is no way getting around pointing out something which, understandably, will not be welcomed with cheering by many well-meaning people, who with noble intentions, make futile attempts with regard to world peace.
Gigantic demonstrations, incorrect peace meditations and the like, despite all positive intentions, are completely ineffective and a waste of time. These efforts do not accomplish even the slightest effects of what people desire to achieve, hence all these efforts are therefore useless.
This may sound presumptuous; nevertheless, it does not change the fact that the FIGU Peace Meditation is the only effective meditation for promoting worldwide peace.
All other peace meditations are pointless, simply because the necessary knowledge is lacking, which is needed to achieve effective results.
It is correct that positive thoughts produce equivalent effects, but as far as these thoughts are specifically related to peace among the earth population, this does not hold true.
Directly linked to the Peace Meditation is a measure which had been taken by the old Lyrians when they resided earlier here on earth.
To promote world peace, they undertook an unique programming of a determined proverb in the storage banks of the earth’s atmosphere.
This determined proverb, sworn by oath and bound by codex, is a programmed impulse-laden sentence from the old-Lyrian language as mentioned on the how page of this website: “Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!”
(Peace be on earth and among all beings).

More on the effects.
Incorrect peace meditations do not give the slightest effect, despite so-called “experts” claiming otherwise.
These claims, often supported by so-called “scientific” evidence, claiming this and that with regard to positive growth of societal tendencies or whatever because of meditating in large groups at one location, are nonsensical.
There is only pseudo-scientific “proof” supporting these claims and it belongs in the realm of fantasy and illusion as well as the esoteric.
It all rests on factors pertaining to belief, but the reality is a very different story.
These claims will in no way be able to withstand real scientific research, and no world-shacking changes will ever be the case because of incorrect peace meditations.
Only with a correct Peace Meditation, we will gain a certain effect.
It is a long known fact, that since ancient times Peace Meditation in large groups have a great deal of positive effects.
However, the provision must be that, with regard to a Peace Meditation, the one and only correct and effective formula from the old Lyrians is used. The knowledge about this formula was already lost thousands of years ago, but fortunately reintroduced again by the Plejarens.
Whether we acknowledge this or not, this formula in the ancient Lyrian language is constantly present in the subconscious of all humans via impulses from the storage banks.
Actually it is necessary with regard to the peace meditation – exactly as with other meditations which are directed at the mass – that corresponding cognition of a subconscious nature occurs in regard to the meditation material, so that, principally, in such a connection, absorption-related and understanding-related sentiments can emerge in the humans, otherwise it does not function.
Only individual values in humans who somehow are open for that and are able to perceive the impulses from out of the storage banks via the subconscious – always provided that the impulses from the storage banks are actually taken up by the subconscious and are correctly transformed. Therefore it does not mean that the human’s entire collective block (body) of subconscious is addressed by such meditations, rather only individual humans – and they are truly not able to cause any world-shaking changes which would be visible in the short term.
The fact is that, by a correct Peace Meditation, only isolated humans react to a large group meditation.
These humans then slowly begin to seek the self-cognition and self-realization, and then when they have found these, they slowly build things up in themselves in order to then live it within themselves as well as outwardly.
In this way changes towards the positive will slowly occur on Earth.